Rugged Maniac is a ton of fun for people of all fitness levels, from couch potatoes to elite athletes, but make no mistake:  the 25+ world-class obstacles we cram into every 3-mile course are designed to challenge you just as much as delight you.  So if you find yourself on the potato end of the spectrum and want to crush The Warped Wall with no help, or complete The Ringer without falling in, you're going to have to train... hard.


That's why we've made Anytime Fitness the Official Fitness Club of Rugged Maniac. They've created a special four-week training program, "4 Weeks To Make A Maniac," designed to improve your strength, speed, and endurance so you can begin acquiring those ninja-level skills needed to be a true Rugged Maniac!


Anytime Fitness has 3,000 clubs around the world and ONE membership gets you into ALL of them! As if that weren't awesome enough, many locations also offer classes specifically tailored to training for Rugged Maniac. Find the location nearest you and try them for FREE with this 7-day pass.   anytime-fitness

Training Tips

How to Prep for Race Day: Trainer Video #1

Learn what to put in your body, your bag, and your brain from Anytime Fitness trainer Luke Andrus.

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How to Prep for Race Day: Trainer Video #2

Learn how to train your body for the race from Anytime Fitness trainer Rachel Prairie.

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The Anytime Fitness High 5 Warm Up

We all know warming up before working out is important, but forget what you learned as a child! Grabbing your foot and pulling it up behind you before a run doesn’t help much...

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Four Ways to Run Faster and Improve Your Race Time

Becoming a better runner doesn’t have to mean running faster. But let’s face it, setting a goal to shave seconds or minutes off of your race time and seeing the clock when...

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Rugged Maniac?

Runners, thrill seekers, and adventurous spirits unite! If any of these apply to you, or you have an interest in working toward a fun, yet challenging fitness goal...

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