woman going over water


You’ll need grace and accuracy to get across the floating lily pads without hitting the water. Pro tip: aim for the center of each pad for the safest journey. Now hop to it.

woman climbing up wall


Get a running start to beat our 11-foot warped wall. You’ll feel all X-Games mode when you grab the top and pull yourself up, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maniacs achieve greatness together.

big red slide


Our third iteration of the Mount Maniac waterslide is bigger (literally) and better than ever. Almost double the size of the original, you’ll quickly descend this giant inflatable slide until you splash down into the water below.

woman climbing over wall


Good fences make terrible neighbors. That’s why we made our fence like a ladder that you can climb over to come party with us. We’re generous like that. Then why did we build it 10-feet high, you ask? We thought it goes better with our course aesthetic. Invite stands though. Come on over whenever you’re ready.

people roping climbing


Some say they’ve been able to see their house from the top of our 15-foot cargo net. Some say there are Maniacs still up above the clouds near the top. There’s only one way to solve the mysteries of the Vertigo obstacle, make the trek yourself. Let us know how the air is up there. We’ve always been curious.

woman giving thumbs up in sand


Line up for “Roll Call,” Maniacs! This new obstacle is a fresh take on “Barricades”, but with a twist! You’ll put your hands and strength to the test with the spinning, slick grip. The goal is simple…get over the wall!   

Man crossing over rolling column


Get ready to go “Bottoms Up”! You’ll test your balance on this playful twist on a see-saw. The strategy is simple…all you have to do is run up the board, find the balance point to drop the lifted end to the ground, and continue on the way to victory

women going through rope course


Weave, crawl, twist, or tumble…whatever it takes to get through Spiderweb! We weren’t “allowed” to add giant spiders to this obstacle, so crawling to the end will be the most of your worries.

new obstacle course coming soon


It’s going down, we’re yelling timber! Hopefully, not you, though. Get nimble, be quick, and maneuver your way through our brilliantly crafted balance beam – designed to keep you on your toes – and hopefully, not on the muddy ground.

hang loose ropes course


Don’t be fooled, Maniacs. You’ll need to hold on tight to traverse these hanging cargo nets from end to end.

People climbing over laddered wall


Make sure you’re in peak performance before you take on “Tall Boy”! Your climbing skills will be put to the test on this larger-than-life wooden wall. To conquer this obstacle, be ready to climb up and over the wall with only thin wood planks on either side to assist in the climb. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?


Barzan will have you yelling like the king (or queen) of the jungle. To make it across the pipes, you’ll need shoulder strength, a strong grip, and hand-eye coordination.

Woman climbing up pole


Ever try to get out of a pool without a ladder? It’s not easy. Pole Position is just that. You must climb onto a 5-foot-high platform. But Maniacs don’t leave Maniacs behind though, so if you see someone struggling, help them up. You’ll all be rewarded at the top with a firehouse pole slide back down.

woman zip lining


Anyone can zipline downhill. It takes a Maniac to do it uphill. Your task is to shimmy a rope up and over the pool of water below. Once you slap the bell on the other side, you’ll be granted access to drop into the refreshing water below.

woman pulling rope in mud


Poor Sisyphus of Greek mythology, still rolling that boulder uphill for eternity. We pay homage to him here as you pull a weighted sled 30 feet and then pull it back to its original position.

man and woman pulling ropes


Time for a group project. Actually, we’re super swamped. Could you do all the work for us? All we need you to do is pull a 45-pound weight up like 16-feet and then we’ll get an A on the project. If you could go ahead and do that, that would be great. Thanks.

man in mud under bars


The situation: Water levels have risen, leaving you pancaked between the muddy waters and a fence. What do you do? Upside down monkey bars, of course!

man by fence


Consider this your own Shawshank Redemption – only we don’t have Morgan Freeman narrating. Scale our chain link fence wall – feel the freedom as you reach the top, swing that leg over, and climb down the other side. Ahh, the sweet smell of liberty . . . and sweat.

man jumping over fire


Goodness gracious, great logs of fire! If you brought marshmallows, now’s the time for one because we left a series of fiery flames for you to jump over with all the strength of a raging fire.

people going through obstacles


On one side is The Warped Wall, on the other is the Accelerator, and in the middle is the Mount Maniac cargo climb between towers of shipping containers! You’re not afraid of heights, are you?

women crawling through water


Down in the muddy waters, Maniacs! Let’s go! On the double! We want you through this obstacle without a scratch. Especially because that’s real barbed wire above your head. Stay low.

woman crawling through hole in ground


Don’t be afraid of the dark, or tight spaces, or dirt, or crawling. Follow the light at the end and you’ll conquer all of these fears as you wriggle through our underground tunnel.

man jumping trench


Mind the gap! I guess we should say gaps because you’ll be crossing several ditches we dug. It took us like 3 hours. We’re pretty proud of them.

people at top of mud mound


Why are our quads burning right now? We must be going over the steep mounds of the Quad Burners. Shouldn’t have skipped that leg-day session. Oh well, our quads will look fantastic after this.

people digging shoes out of mud


We told you to tie your shoes before the race. You could trip or find yourself a casualty of our shoe-eating monster that lurks under the flooded muddy bog on the course. Whether it spits your shoe back out depends on its mood that day.

women sliding down red slide


Get ready to elevate your game and reach your peak performance! First, summit 10ft to the top of this mountainous peak and catch some views. Don’t spend too much time sightseeing though, because what goes up, must SLIDE down.

obstacle course images coming soon


Get ready to show off your fancy footwork on “Footloose”! A variation of the popular “Ridge Runner“, you’ll have to watch your step as you scale this A-frame wooden structure completely covered in plywood with an assortment of notches simulating a rock wall climb. Can you keep your footing and make it to the top? 

people digging shoes out of mud


Don’t get sucked into the “Speed Trap”Mud lovers, prepare to get dirtier than ever with this obstacle. The goal is to run through the mud as quickly as you can to the other side. Can you make it through without getting trapped

women sliding down red slide


Make your way through the battlefield until you’re “Behind Rugged Lines”! To complete this obstacle, you’ll crawl under barbed wire through a soaked mud pit, then climb up a dirt mound before sliding down into another mud pit and crawling through it to the finish line. Push your body and mind to your limits with this new twist on the classic barbed wire mud pit obstacle!  

people digging shoes out of mud


Are you ready to get down in the muddy waters, Maniacs? To conquer this obstacle, you’ll have to army crawl your way through mud and water to victory. Be quick and watch your headIf you want to get through this obstacle without a scratch that is. Real barbed wire will be hanging just above you. Think fast and stay low.  


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