Rugged Maniac Home Workout Plan

In the wake of the coronavirus, many of us find ourselves hanging around the house a lot more these days. While this is a time to keep everyone safe by staying home and self-isolating, that doesn’t mean you can’t also stay active.

We get it -- we’re all missing our gyms, cycle studios, barre classes and wherever else we might normally find ourselves getting a daily workout in. When it comes right down to it though, you really don’t need much for an effective exercise routine.

However, staying motivated and getting into a good rhythm can be tough all on your own. That’s where we come in! With the help of our friends over at Flight Performance & Fitness, we have a workout plan for you.

Below, you will find a week-long plan to follow with a combination of exercises that only require yourself and, occasionally, “equipment” you likely already have in your house. Each set also links to a helpful video demonstrating how the exercises are done.

This plan is meant to be a guide, so do what works best for you. Don’t feel like doing HIIT one day? Skip it. Want to add an additional run or walk? Go right ahead! This is all about keeping you active during this strange time.

Want to feel a little less isolated? We’d love for you to share your experience and support other maniacs along the way! Use the hashtag #RuggedAtHome to get connected. We’ll even pick a lucky winner to win a free month of online coaching from Flight (enter below), a $115 value.

Have fun getting #RuggedAtHome, Maniacs!

Daily Workout Plan

All workout videos can be found below

Day 1

  • Mobility
    • Supine Hamstring Floss x12e
    • Pigeon with Lat Stretch Reach x8 Breaths
    • High Plank Calf Raises x12e
    • Quad H/F Rocks on Wall with Toe Grab x12e
    • Half Kneeling Broomstick T Spine Rotation x8e
  • Bodyweight
    • Scotts Press -> Push-up
    • Reverse Crunch
    • Tricep Dips
    • Alternating Side Plank
    • Lateral Raise ISO Holds
    • FOW Straight Arm Russian Twist
    • Half Kneeling SA Serratus Slide (R)
    • Half Kneeling SA Serratus Slide (L)
  • HIIT
    • High Knees
    • Towel Pikes
    • Towel Pass Under
    • SL Mountain Climbers (R)
    • SL Mountain Climbers (L)
    • Towel Reverse Lunge (L)
    • Towel Reverse Lunge (R)
    • Towel Knees to Opposite Shoulder

Day 2

  • Mobility (3x)
    • Bilateral Calf Raise SL Lower x8ea
    • Oblique Hip Flexor Rocks x12ea
    • Downward Dog to Yoga Push-up x10
    • Quadrupled Cross Body Reach to Lawnmower x8ea
  • Bodyweight
    • Circuit 1 (x4, Rest 30 seconds between rounds)
      • Forward Lunge, Reverse Lunge, Lateral Lunge (x5 each lunge variation per leg)
      • SL Bridge (30 seconds each side)
      • Box Bear Crawl (x5 each direction)
    • Circuit 2
      • Squat Ladder
      • Sumo/Conventional Squats 5-15 (5 sumo squats -> walk 15 ft. -> 15 squats -> walk back -> 6 sumo squats -> walk 15 ft. -> 14 squats … you’re done when you get to 15 sumo squats and 5 conventional squats)>
    • Circuit 3
      • 100 Towel Slide Hamstring Curls (break them up however you want)
  • HIIT
    15 Second Wall Drill, 45 Second Other Exercises
    • Plank Hip Wrap
    • Prowler Push-Up
    • Front Plank + Hip Dip
    • Alternating Seated SL Raises
    • Superman Swim
    • Explosive Wall Push-Up
    • Wall Sit Alternating Leg Lift
    • Table Pull Through
    • Bear Army Crawl
    • Burpee Lateral Crawl

Day 3

  • Run (distance of your choice)

Day 6

  • Run (distance of your choice)

Day 7 - REST!