COVID-19 Update

Due to the concern surrounding the coronavirus, and the government’s rolling mandate around no public gatherings across the country, we’ve made the decision to cancel or postpone numerous upcoming Rugged Maniac events. This decision was not taken lightly, but our priority lies with the safety of our running community, from all of our participants, to those who put on the events. Please see below for the current status of each Rugged Maniac event location. Should the status of an event change, this page will be updated and all participants will be contacted via email.

If an event is cancelled or postponed, click your location below to learn more.

Date Location Status
3/21/2020 South Carolina POSTPONED1
4/4/2020 Phoenix CANCELLED2
4/11/2020 North Carolina CANCELLED3
4/18/2020 Florida POSTPONED4
4/25/2020 San Francisco CANCELLED5
5/2/2020 Virginia CANCELLED6
5/9/2020 Columbus CANCELLED*
5/16/2020 Los Angeles CANCELLED7
5/23/2020 Kentucky CANCELLED8
5/30/2020 Kitchener CANCELLED*
6/6/2020 Portland CANCELLED*
6/13/2020 Oklahoma City CANCELLED*
6/20/2020 New York City CANCELLED*
7/11/2020 Vancouver CANCELLED*
7/18 & 7/19 New Jersey CANCELLED*
7/25/2020 Calgary CANCELLED*
8/1/2020 Pennsylvania CANCELLED*
8/8/2020 Denver CANCELLED*
8/15/2020 Atlanta CANCELLED*
8/22/2020 Chicago/Milwaukee CANCELLED*
8/29/2020 Southern Indiana CANCELLED*
9/5/2020 Long Island CANCELLED*
9/12/2020 Twin Cities CANCELLED*
9/19/2020 Kansas City CANCELLED*
9/26 & 9/27 New England CANCELLED*
10/3/2020 South Carolina CANCELLED*
10/10/2020 Virginia CANCELLED*
10/17/2020 Sacramento CANCELLED*
10/24/2020 North Carolina CANCELLED*
10/31/2020 Florida CANCELLED*
11/7/2020 Phoenix CANCELLED*
11/14/2020 Austin CANCELLED*
11/21/2020 SoCal (Temecula) CANCELLED*

  • 1Event postponed to 10/3/2020.

  • 2Participants transferred to 11/7/2020 Phoenix event.

  • 3Participants transferred to 10/24/2020 North Carolina event.

  • 4Event postponed to 10/31/2020.

  • 5Participants transferred to 10/17/2020 Sacramento event.

  • 6Participants transferred to 10/10/2020 Virginia event (at same venue).

  • 7Participants transferred to 11/21/2020 SoCal (Temecula) event.

  • 8Participants transferred to 8/29/2020 Southern Indiana event.

  • *Event cancelled and upgraded swag items will be sent to all runners.