• Sometimes we receive an email that truly puts life into perspective. This happened recently, when Billy was brave enough to tell us his story about his battle with depression, and reminded us how fragile, complicated and beautiful life truly is. Below is his story. “I have suffered from Major Depressive
  • Rugged Maniac is a ton of fun for people of all fitness levels, from couch potatoes to elite athletes, but make no mistake: Most of us aren’t going to break a record or stand on the podium at an event this year. Maybe it’s because we didn’t train as hard
  • We’ve asked our Maniac Mud Squad what makes this race so muddy great – and their responses are just as epic as the 25+ obstacles that we deliver. Take some advice from some of the biggest fans of the course. Whether you’re a seasoned maniac or a beginner, this one’s
  • For Karen Renkel Engbert, Rugged Maniac wasn’t a final destination, but a giant muddy step into a lifestyle she consistently strived for. One year prior to the 2022 San Francisco event, she had weighed over 300 pounds, and knew she wanted to reach her healthiest potential, both mentally and physically.