• Tragedy can strike at any moment, to anyone, without warning. No matter how physically strong or mentally tough you are, life has a way of testing you to see what you’re made of.  How you respond in the face of that adversity can define who you are. Sometimes we come
  • Maniac Scott Johnson lost over 100 lbs in just two years by fully embracing a healthy and rugged lifestyle. As a self-proclaimed hater of running, this was no easy task. We were fortunate enough to talk to Scott recently and find out some of his weight-loss secrets and motivations! 1.
  • We love stories of personal transformation despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They’re testimonials to what being a Rugged Maniac is all about, and Steve Scutt from South Carolina has blown us away with what he has accomplished. “Do it because they said you couldn’t.” This simple inspirational phrase takes on a
  • Two years ago Andrea Fowler was 259 pounds and fed up. She was fed up with her weight, fed up with her unhealthy lifestyle, and determined to make a change. “I wanted to finally feel good about myself and become healthy,” she said. After several failed diets and weight loss
  • Sometimes we receive an email that truly puts life into perspective. This happened recently, when Billy was brave enough to tell us his story about his battle with depression, and reminded us how fragile, complicated and beautiful life truly is. Below is his story. “I have suffered from Major Depressive