We love stories of personal transformation despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They’re testimonials to what being a Rugged Maniac is all about, and Steve Scutt from South Carolina has blown us away with what he has accomplished.

“Do it because they said you couldn’t.” This simple inspirational phrase takes on a new meaning when you’ve been told you don’t have much time to live, which is exactly why it’s prominently displayed on Stevet’s fridge. This mantra is the last thing the 61-year-old sees every day before heading to the gym and has helped him create an entirely new approach to life.

Steve has lived over half his life as a Type-1 diabetic. His family has a history of various medical and heart issues, and he had his first quadruple bypass surgery just a year after both his younger brother and sister passed away from diabetes-related heart diseases. After his second bypass surgery and fourth stroke, Steve decided he was “NOT going to die soft, fat, and out of breath.” The only way Steve was going to survive was to drastically change his lifestyle, which is exactly what he did. Determined to continue living his life for himself and those he loved, Steve decided it was time to go back to the gym on a regular basis with his wife, Candi, and commit to making cleaner eating decisions.

Steve and his wife now hit the gym with an iron-willed devotion and eat healthy meals three times a day like their lives depend on it, because Steve’s actually does. As a result of this drastic lifestyle change, today Steve is completely off his meds (and insulin usage is down 50%). He can squat twice his weight while his waist size has dropped from a 38 to 29. “I’m living proof that you can turn your life around and if my story can get someone else back on track, I’m blessed all over again!”

Congratulations to Steve on your amazing transformation! We couldn’t be more proud to have you as part of the Rugged Maniac family.