Two years ago Andrea Fowler was 259 pounds and fed up. She was fed up with her weight, fed up with her unhealthy lifestyle, and determined to make a change. “I wanted to finally feel good about myself and become healthy,” she said.

After several failed diets and weight loss programs, Andrea decided to enter a 20-week weight loss competition and truly give it everything she had, and that made all the difference. “I finally made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle forever,” said Andrea. Her complete submersion into a healthy lifestyle led to an incredible 102-pound weight loss, dropping to 157 pounds.

Losing 102 pounds doesn’t just happen with a snap of the finger. Andrea went from never working out to working out two-and-a-half hours a day. Her diet changed from fast food once or twice a day to prepping every single meal with lean proteins and green veggies, along with a gallon of water a day. “I wanted to succeed in this contest just as bad as I could breathe,” she said.

Since then, Andrea has made being healthy and fit a large part of her life. She now trains hard to crush Rugged Maniac and other races, and takes pride in helping others like herself through their own weight-loss journey. Andrea’s advice to those with similar health aspirations? “Nothing is impossible with discipline, consistency, and dedication. Set a goal and reach high for results. It’s not easy but it’s SO worth it.”